Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism prepares students for careers in journalism. This is accomplished by providing instruction that requires students to demonstrate a working knowledge of the skills, laws, ethics, power, and responsibilities of the news media. A strong liberal arts education also is required. The main goals of the program's skills courses are to help students become accurate and thorough researchers; precise and graceful writers; technically, aesthetically fine photojournalists; and competent digital technologists. Introductory courses emphasize the need to think and write clearly.

All students must complete 7 units of pre-major courses with a minimum C average before they take courses in the major. First-time freshmen interested in declaring journalism as a major can do so in their CSU Mentor application. If you are a transfer student, you must also fill out the application on Cal State Apply and indicate your interest in the journalism major.

Writing students are required to take introductory courses in research, reporting, writing, digital skills, and editing. Photojournalism students are required to take introductory courses in writing, digital skills, and reporting as well as courses in basic photography and news photography. All students are required to take two courses in multimedia journalism. Advanced journalism courses are more specialized—feature writing, depth reporting, public journalism, investigative reporting, computer-assisted reporting, advanced multimedia, magazine writing, design courses and visual journalism for writers and editors. To understand the role of journalism in society, students also are required to take courses in mass media, journalism ethics and law, and cultural diversity. Students are strongly urged to develop speaking, writing, and listening competency in a second language.

List of Approved Minors

A journalism major must complete a minor in one of the areas of study approved by faculty advisers.

Learning Outcomes

Faculty members have developed 12 competencies that they would like to see journalism students develop by the time they finish the program.

Jour 617 Internship

After completing one semester of Jour 609 Publication Lab, journalism students can fulfill their second semester capstone requirement by successfully completing an internship. Students need to enroll in Jour 617 Internship the semester the internship occurs. Students must have an approved internship proposal prior to enrolling in Journ 617, permit numbers will be issued by the instructor.